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Dear Residents:

The following is an update on the construction for the Beattie Avenue Waterline Project: 

The contractor has installed the new 10-inch waterline from Amy Lane heading north just past the Baseball Diamonds. The following several days will be spent chlorinating (disinfection) and testing the new waterline. There will be some downtime where no work is being performed. These results will then be submitted to the Department of Health for approval. Once approval is received, there will be a shutdown to make a connection at Erna Drive and Buell Drive, resulting in water outage for some residents on those roads. These residents will be notified prior to the water shutdown with a flyer.

During the downtime, the contractor will be installing residential services on both the east and west side of the road. Once the Department of Health approves the new 10-inch waterline section from Amy Lane to the Baseball Diamonds, the contractor will then transfer the residential services from the temporary waterline to the new waterline. Once all service transfers are complete, the temporary waterline will be removed.

Please note that the culvert replacement project that is taking place south of Collins Drive is a separate project not related to the Beattie Ave Waterline Project. Questions related to the culvert project should be directed to the Niagara County Department of Public Works.

Please note, restoration for any disturbed areas should be starting in the next 3-4 weeks once all the waterline has been installed and services transferred.

Please feel free to reach out to with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!


Robert D. Klavoon, PE (NY, CT, AZ)

Senior Civil Engineer