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Dear Residents:

Good day,

The contractor hired by the Town of Lockport, Insituform, is completing the sanitary sewer sliplining repairs for the Town and has moved from flushing the sewermains (cleaning) to actually installing the new liner inside the existing sewermains.

This curing process of the new liner involves hot water and steam to install the liner and cure it to the inside of the existing sewermain.

With the weather changing and the air temperature falling, the use of the hot water/steam may create a plume of “smoke” coming out of the manholes that they are working on (usually 400’ apart). 

We wanted to make you aware of the following in case any resident has concerns.

  • Insituform has been authorized by the Town to complete the work.                           
  • A crew can usually line a manhole section in 2-4 hours.
  • Their sanitary sewer service will only be interrupted for a short time.
  • The manholes are not on fire!

In general, the work area is bounded by:

  • West:    West Side of Transit Road
  • South:  South side of Robinson Road
  • North:  Lincoln Avenue
  • East:  Subdivisions on Beattie Avenue

If anyone has any concerns, please feel free to reach out to Joe Bartos, MacKenzie Kennedy, or Robert D. Klavoon at Wendel at 716-688-0766.  We will be happy to take any residents calls.

This work is expected to continue through December 31, 2023.

Robert D. Klavoon, PE (NY, CT, AZ)

Wendel Senior Civil Engineer