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Town Clerk

The Town Clerk’s Office is often thought to be the center of town government as it provides a wide variety of services that are essential to citizens in their involvement with town functions. It is the official filing office for the town and maintains all official records of Town government and public activities. The Town Clerk is also the Records Management Officer responsible for the archives of Town records and official activities.

As the Clerk of the Town Board, the Town Clerk’s Office records the proceedings of Town meetings and keeps the formal record of all Town actions. The Town Clerk is also the License Issuing Officer and the Public Information Officer. In these capacities, the Town Clerk serves the public with assured access to Town records and offers residents convenient access for state and local licenses.

Contact the Clerk’s Office via our directory or by phone at 716.439.9524

Town Clerk Window


Town Clerk Responsibilities

  • Local Election compliance procedures
  • Records Management Officer
  • Recording Town Board Proceedings and Actions
  • Auditing and processing of claims
  • Town Bingo and Games of Chance Inspection
  • License Issuing Officer
  • Public Information Officer (including FOIL Requests)
  • Official Filing office
  • Registrar

Vital Records

The Town Clerk’s Office is the filing location for birth, death, and marriages, which take place within the Town. The following is a list of vital records maintained by the Town Clerk and their historic availability.

The fee for certified copies of vital records is $10.00.
The fee for genealogy copies is $22.00.

  • Births – 1882 – Present
  • Deaths – 1884 – Present
  • Marriages – 1883 – Present


Services provided as the Town License Issuing Officer

  • N.Y.S. Marriage Licenses
  • N.Y.S. Dept. Environmental Conservation Sporting Licenses
  • N.Y.S. Dog Licenses
  • N.Y.S. Parking Permits for Town Residents with Disabilities
  • Town Vendor Permits
  • Town Bingo/Games of Chance Licenses
  • Free Notary Public services for Town residents

Contact the Clerk’s Office via our online contact form or by phone at 716.439.9524.