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Water & Sewer

The Town of Lockport operates a Water and Sewer Department focused on drinking water and sanitary sewers. Scope of services include: installation, maintenance and repair of water lines and sanitary sewer lines and their supporting systems.

Water Bills

Water bills are sent out every three months. If your property has sanitary sewer service (not septic), your water bill will also include a sewer processing fee. This charge is to cover the cost of processing the sewage that is sent to the filtration plants.

It is the policy of the Town of Lockport to relevy any overdue unpaid water/sewer balances to the following year’s county/town tax bill on October 1st. Please remember that failure to receive a bill does not waive penalties.

You can pay your water bill online, in person at Town Hall or there is also a drop-box located by the front doors of Town Hall for water payments. If you are moving, please call our offices 2 days prior to schedule a final water meter reading.

Pay your Town of Lockport Water bills Online!
(service provided by a 3rd party, certain fees apply)

Residential and Commercial Water Rates
0 to 5,000 gallons $19.00/quarter
plus next 10,000 gallons $2.70/thousand
plus next 100,000 gallons $2.65/thousand
plus next 115,000 gallons $2.00/thousand


Water Line Breaks

During late winter and early spring, the town experiences water line breaks due to freeze-thaw cycles. Signs of a possible water line break on your property include: low water pressure, puddles where you don’t regularly see water or high-pressure leaks along the road shoulder where pavement might be disturbed. If you see Town of Lockport Water crews on your street/in your neighborhood at the time of low pressure, they are likely aware of the break. Most water line breaks take between 2 and 3 hours to repair and may result in temporary service disruption. If you do not see crews, please contact the Water Department at 716.439.9529 or after hours at 716.433.0005.

Sewer Department

The Town Sewer Department would like to remind residents that our sewer code prohibits rainwater and groundwater from entering the sanitary sewer system. This means water from downspouts and sump pumps must be directed to the storm sewer or outside. By eliminating these infiltrations, we reduce treatment costs. The Town must submit a report on each sewer service to Niagara County to confirm that we are in compliance with this code.

PLEASE Help Us Avoid Costly Sewer Backups
In the past few years, the Town of Lockport Sewer Department has been experiencing issues with sewer pumps and pipes getting clogged up with flushable wipes, grease, rags, feminine products, etc.  These are not items that can be dissolved or degraded into the sewer system.  The flushable wipes bind with grease or other substances and clog the pipes and pumps.  When this happens, it creates a sewer back-up into residential homes and businesses.

In an effort to avoid costly sewer backups for the town and residents, we would ask that ONLY human waste and toilet paper be flushed down the toilet.  Things that should NOT go into the toilet, sink or sewer system include wipes of any kind – baby, flushable or non-flushable, floor cleaning wipes including Swiffer, rags of any kind, feminine products, cooking grease, dog and cat waste and hair.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please feel free to contact our Water and Sewer office during regular business hours which are Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM excluding holidays.

Please help us avoid sewage backups.

Residential Sewer Rates
0 to 15,000 gallons $30.00/quarter
Plus over 15,000 gallons $1.00/thousand